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Social Media Productions

Voice Overs


Event coverage for full HD Television or internet broadcasting

Corporate Branding Videos

Promotional Material


 The Power of Social Media  Videos

As the Internet’s fastest-growing trend, web videos increase web traffic, improve conversion rates and build consumer

Website Design


Website Design

Every business needs a website and everyones business can easily have a website. Speak to us about what you offer. We have ideas, inspiration and something for every budget.

From starter websites through to grand scale agency style

After Market Services

Specialist in Aftermarket Services to Dealerships.

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Over 20 years of experience has given us the skills to ensure the

highly beneficial After Market department of any Dealership

is an essential component of core operations.

We’re local

Automotive Main Event Sales

Main Event Sales has been providing an extensive range of Dealer services for all aspects of Training, Direct Mail, Incentive Packages and dynamic main event sales.
We achieve outstanding results for Dealers throughout Australia Our primary objectives are to assist in turning over large numbers of vehicles, with good profit margins, in a short period of time; to ensure excellent return on investment

IT Services


Is your Cyber IT Services creating more problems than it’s solving?

We have a simple and affordable cyber solution for your business.

Technology is critical for your business and we actively seek to bridge the gap between

Marketing & Social Media


Increase your sales in 5 mins  with Marketing & Social Media

Remember the 80s….

Movies like Back to the Future promised us that flying cars and hoverboards would be the everyday norm (we’re supposed to get all this

Communications United Financial Services






Communications United Financial Services provides the experience to give you the best cover at the most economical cost.


Our policy is transparency and integrity. You will always understand exactly what we’re offering.

We specialise in Medical Equipment

Virtual Sale Services

Virtual Sales Service for Dealerships.

Often sales opportunities are missed due to Staff not being available when the customer is in the Dealership.

Holidays, rostered days off and illness contribute to thousands of dollars in lost revenue

Jet Ski Clean and Care Products –

Over a decade ago the desire to own a Jet Ski turned into reality for the creators of Jet Ski products. After riding friends Skis for many years before that and dreaming about owning

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