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 The Power of Social Media  Videos

As the Internet’s fastest-growing trend, web videos increase web traffic, improve conversion rates and build consumer trust.

Text is for clients that are willing to read to find evidence that you are a good choice, but before they read they need to be entertained, to make a decision, to investigate further.

Videos communicate your message perfectly every time, like a sales person with a perfect pitch they convert traffic every minute of every day, without you doing anything. On websites, videos are often shared within social networks and liked by those networks that surround your clients giving you greater reach.

Studies reveal 80% of web users watch video ads online, 52% take action after viewing and 12% make purchases. Is your business onscreen? Video communication allows viewers to absorb your message within seconds, making it the perfect medium for today’s busy consumer.brd

We offer a full-service HD production company specialising in web video, animation, film production and commercials. We pride ourselves on developing cutting-edge productions that engage viewers, increase brand awareness and promote your unique business message. If a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the power of video with special effects and sound. Browse our diverse portfolio and contact us today.

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