Automotive Main Event Sales

Car Main Event Sales  

Speak to us about your next Dealership Main Event Sale and After Market Services.

Our Services provide a complete, end to end solution for managing a successful after market engagement for a Main Event Sale.

* Sales Person Recruitment, appointment and management throughout the Sale.

* Detailers/Technician Training – Full training in timely and ethical application

Every After Market product is catered for with a non bias approach.


On Site Event Management

Activity control for smoother Sales processes. From entry to Sales to the Cash Cube or Money Machine.

Comparing and Spruiking

Double Closing & After Market Sales


Marketing for Main Event Sales

Many “Old School” Main Event Sales organisers leave out the emerging market leading techniques.

These are key to getting the message into mainstream buyers

Live updating Social Media

Purpose built Main Event websites

Emailing Campaigns

Internet ad words into main websites.





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