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After Market Services


The long standing after market industry has receive a solid dusting off and restructure.

After Market Services has redefined the industry and its practices to lead the way into a solid future within the automotive industry.

Typically, now days, a New Car Dealership has eroded margins to stay competitive in the increasingly comparable market.

Buyers may be shopping your competitor 3 states away while your writing up the deal. For the long term viability of the industry After Market is a “must do for all Dealerships regardless of size or location.

Our Services provide a complete, end to end solution for managing a modern day after market department through to a “one of” purpose engagement.

* Sales Person Recruitment

* Sales Person advanced Training

* On going motivational management & department development

* Holiday/Illness/RDO/Main Event Sales/ locum personnel and Virtual Sales coverage.

* Dealership Management Training in After Market Management

* Detailers/Technician Training – Full training in timely and ethical application

* Own brand development of After Market Products. Including full marketing support, sales videos, websites, social media, brochureware.

Please not that all Services are provide with an absolute non bias of Product. Our experience covers every major manufacturer in Australia.

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